Campus News
Campus News
German Students Participates in Hang Gao Sports Meet


        A dozen of teachers and students from the Karlsruhe School in Karlsruhe, Germany, came to Hang Gao (Hangzhou High School) for an exchange activity, just in time for the 64th sports meet of Hang Gao. Keen on sports, the exchange students participated in the competition of the men’s and women’s sprints for Senior 2. Not getting the first place though, they had great fun and said they didn't expect that Chinese students could be so great, not only having a very good academic performance but also keeping in good physical condition.


        Hang Gao’s national physique test scores have consistently ranked among the best. In the past five years, Hang Gao ranked 1st among Zhejiang Province for 3 times and ranked among the Top 10 for 2 times.