Embracing World
Embracing World

On October 18th, 2017, Kristen Morris, a foreign teacher of the JR.NBA, visited our school for basketball teaching exchange activities. JR.NBA is the platform for NBA to promote basketball among the youth. Through grassroots basketball activities, Jr. NBA aims to encourage more young people to play basketball, to enjoy the great fun basketball brings, as well as improving young athletes’ and coaches’ ability.  In order to vigorously promote the reform and development of the national campus basketball program, commissioned by the Department of Sports Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, the special training of Chinese campus basketball backbone teachers was carried out by NBA China and the National Campus Basketball League. Mr. Huang Ling from our school participated in the training.


Mr. Huang Ling & JR. NBA Coaches

Recently, JR. NBA Coach came to our P.E. class. The students showed an enthusiastic welcome, actively cooperating with the coach.


  Learning the Correct Defensive Posture


Ms. Kristen, Mr. Huang Ling & Students

"Kristen paid great attention to basic skills. Today we focused on practicing defense and consolidating the basics. Trainings such as sliding through the whole court & switching from pressure defense to fast movement made us a better defender. The most impressive moment was that whenever the coach whistled, we must immediately switch to the position of defensive preparation and shout out 'I LOVE IT!', which made us always remember the importance of defense on the court."

-- Cheng Tian

"With excitement, I waited for the arrival of the physical education class on Thursday. I was very nervous when I saw a tall figure on the court. After the class with the foreign teacher, the anxiety in my heart gradually disappeared. The form and intensity of practices this time were different from those in the past. The slogans and actions were very passionate but also kinda embarrassing. Perhaps this was the difference between the United States and China. The only pity was that I didn’t show the best of me. Hope the foreign teacher was not disappointed.”

--Zhang Beiyuan

The classes in regards to the exchange activity were respectively taught by our school teacher Huang Ling and JR. NBA coach Kristen. After class, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on basketball classroom teaching and youth basketball training. Kristen spoke highly of the teaching of Huang Ling and the level of our school’s basketball teaching.