Stepping from the era of West Lake to the era of Qian Tang River:
Hangzhou High School Education Group

Zhejiang Hangzhou high school was founded in 1899 as the earliest public middle school in Zhejiang Province. Nowadays, Hangzhou High School is hailed as one of “the Four Best-Known Schools” in Zhejiang and Jiangsu province. It brings about many renowned literature celebrities such as Xu ZhiMo, Feng ZiKai, Jin Yong, Zhang Kangkang; elites in scientific and technological fields such as Jiang LiFu, Chen JianGong, Mao Jiangseng; outstanding alumni and alumnae such as Xu KuangDi, Xu GuangChun, Lu ZhanGong and the like. It has nurtured 51 academicians and was honored as “the cradle of the academicians”. The comrade Jiang ZeMing has ever written an inscription (value the basic education and improve the quality of the people) for the centennial anniversary of Hangzhou High School.

Nowadays, the collectivization development of Hangzhou High School is on the process. The development is characterized by the principle of “one school, two districts (GongYuan Campus and Qian Jiang Campus)”. Meanwhile, in order to better fulfill social responsibility as an elite education group and to meet the education demand for citizens, Da JiangDong Campus and East Lake Campus are also in preparation.

Gong Yuan campus is located at the city center, which is the site for imperial examination in Ming and Qing dynasties in ancient China. In 1908, it was officially founded and put into use at the very site as a normal school. It is also listed as the cultural relic protection site by Zhejiang province because of its well-preserved original cultural and humane atmosphere. Gong Yuan campus boasts its elegant environment, advanced facilities and convenient transportation, which embodies the splendid culture of Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province. Its quaint library, large-scale stadium, digitized and smart campus, five remote-controlled observatories are all unparalleled in China. Balancing between science and humanity, history and modernity, GongYuan campus is a unique cultural tourist attraction in Hangzhou. Thus it is chosen as "the national spiritual civilization construction unit" and "the cultural construction demonstration site of Zhejiang Province."

 QianJiang campus is located at the bank of the QianTang River, the unique geographical location. QianJiang campus has beautiful environment, which combines architecture with culture, magnificence with elegance. The modern architecture links together with a platform which stretches out to the QianTang River, standing magnificently beside the Qian Tang River. The campus backs West Lake and faces the Qian Tang River, which can overlook the river and appreciate the wonder of the unrivalled grand tidewater.


 QianJiang campus and GongYuan campus follows the principle of “one school, two districts” and the same management mechanism. The two campuses inherit Hangzhou High school’s ethos and merge into the new elements of a modern school in the 21stcentury, collaborating with each other yet still keeping their own diversity. Nowadays, it is an elite modern school (GongYuan campus) and a model in Hangzhou CBD (QianJiang campus) with the cultural ethos of inclusiveness, flexibility, wisdom, practicability and innovation. Stepping from “the west lake era” to “the Qiang Jiang era”, it not only shows the development of Hangzhou’s education, but also echoes to the school’s goal of fostering a number of talents and masters in the second century.

  Hangzhou high school is appointed as one of the first-grade elite schools and one of the first-grade model schools in ZheJiang province. It is also known as the cradle of nurturing top teachers in Chinese and Mathematics subjects, having six special grade senior teachers and professor of senior teachers altogether. 75% of the young and middle-aged faculties are national prominent teachers, provincial backbone teachers and municipal top teachers and academic leaders, which guarantees the students’ outstanding performance in the college entrance examination and various academic competitions as well. There are 17 gold, silver and bronze medalists of Olympic competitions, group prize winners of national mathematics and biology competitions and several students who got the highest score in college entrance examination. Graduates from Hangzhou High school seek further education in some top universities home and abroad like Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong and Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Oxford  and the like. Over the years, 90% of graduates from Hangzhou High school perform well in the college entrance examinations and Hangzhou High school ranks one of the top three high schools in Hangzhou. Moreover, it also collaborates with some top universities like ZheJiang University and TongJi University to carry out some projects (YingCai Project and MiaoPu project) for the purpose of fostering and selecting top students in science subjects.


       Hangzhou High school is the municipal teenager educational base in science subjects. It has colorful activities and a course called “Hang Gao Platform” balancing science and humanity. There are also 30 excellent student societies including renowned astronomical society and LuXun literature society which is awarded “top 100 literature society” in China. Besides, a graduate from Hangzhou High school discovered a FMO (near-earth asteroid) which is unparalleled in the astronomy history in the world. There are also various outstanding students who get awards such as the first prize of the national teenager innovative competition, Zhou PeiYuan teenager science and technology innovation prize and students who are awarded as “the national future scientist”, “the academician of the Teenager Academy of Science”, “provincial outstanding teenager”, “national badminton player”, “the champion of the Asian Chess Tournament”, “the academician of Hangzhou Teenager Academy of Arts”, “Audi Student” and so on. Hangzhou High school also successfully undertook the 14th international astronomy Olympic competition. Hangzhou High school is the only high school in Chins that owns a “Hangzhou-Aksu Observatory” which has telemetry function. Moreover, NAOC (National Astronomical Observatories of China) named No.48700 asteroid “Hang Gao Planet”. As an old school with more than one hundred years of history, it has more than 70000 alumni and alumnae home and abroad. The graduates associations organize activities and gatherings all around the world.

Hangzhou High school is the key foreign-related units in Hangzhou. It has already established extensive cooperation and exchanges with schools from Japan, United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the like. In 2014, Hangzhou High school established AP class and started to recruit students and overseas teachers. As “the provincial educational and cultural demonstration unit”, “Hangzhou patriotism education base”, “Hangzhou international scenic spot” and “the second class activity base for primary and secondary students”, Hangzhou High school is dedicated to undertake the social responsibility. More than 10000 visitors from home and abroad visit Hangzhou High school every year.

The two campuses have the same culture inheritance, the same group of teachers, the same concept on school management, the same curriculum system, the same way to educate and the same school activities as well. The two campuses also organize some large-scale activities (commencement ceremony, sports festival, association festival, reading festival, science and technology festival and art festival) together and carry out some activities in some student associations(astronomy society, LuXun literature society and the like) together.


The school’s culture and curricula are perfectly combined its everlasting history, the school motto (science democracy truth innovation) and the cultural spirits of “people-oriented while keep pace with the time”. Moreover, the schools education and teaching work follows the concept of “Three widths and Four selves” (Three widths: generosity tolerance lenience; Four selves: self-consciousness self-discipline self-independence self-improvement) and the core qualities of “diversity, goodness, logic and dignity”. The overall planning of the school not only shows the convenience and practicability of modern society, but also reflects the elegance and humanity of the school as a cultural embodiment and the openness and inclusiveness of the school as an educational place.


Nowadays, Hangzhou high school will inherit and carry forward its cultural spirits and educational concepts. Meanwhile, it will also follow the educational goal of “Four Highness and Five Strengths” (Four highness: noble virtue, lofty inclination, profound knowledge, elegant taste; Five strengths: strong patriotic sense, strong humanity spirits, strong scientific thinking, strong physical fitness, strong discipline quality), seize the opportunities and keep going on.





Full name of the school: Hangzhou high school in Zhejiang Province

Gongyuan campus address: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Fengqi Road No. 238

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Zip code: 310021

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The present principal's name: Cai Xiaoxiong